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Ballard – Seattle, WA

Ballard is one of the most charming and unique neighborhoods found in Seattle, WA. This inviting community is largely known for its impressive historical sites, ideal homes and family-friendly atmosphere.

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Influences from Scandinavian culture have also given Ballard a distinct appeal and give locals the chance to immerse themselves in worldly experiences without having to go beyond the city limits.

Ballard Schools

Families who choose to settle in Ballard have the opportunity to send their children to prestigious local schools. Elementary schools include Adams Elementary, North Beach Elementary and Salmon Bay School. Whitman Middle School, which is located in the adjacent Crown Hill neighborhood, is one of the top middle schools in the area. Ballard High School is the oldest learning institution in Seattle that is still in operation.


Residents who choose to commute by car can usually reach State Route 99 and Interstate 5 in less than 10 minutes. The historic Ballard Bridge crosses over scenic Salmon Bay and can be crossed by vehicle, by bicycle or by foot.

People who prefer using public transportation can easily take local buses around the neighborhood or to other nearby neighborhoods such as Fremont, Magnolia and the University District. The First Hill Streetcar is eventually expected to include a service route directly to Ballard.


Parks and Recreation

Plenty of great outdoor recreation spots can be found throughout Ballard. A skate bowl, a water feature and several outdoor public art displays make up a large portion of Ballard Commons Park. Salmon Bay Park is a beautiful green space complete with walking paths and benches.

Some of the most spectacular views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains can be seen from Golden Gardens Park. Ballard Community Center features exciting programs for adults and children and also includes a large playfield and an indoor swimming pool.

Local Attractions

1. Hiram M. Chittenden Locks

Often referred to as the Ballard Locks, these locks give visitors the chance to learn more about Seattle’s shipping industry. Certain fish species pass through the locks during certain times of the year while migrating and can be seen through special windows. The Carl S. English, Jr., Botanical Garden is situated next to the locks and features numerous types of plants and flowers.

2. Ballard Avenue Historic District

Some of the neighborhood’s oldest buildings can be seen in this district. The Ballard Historical Society has placed special markers on some of the district’s most significant buildings.

3. Nordic Heritage Museum

This intriguing museum provides further information on the Scandinavian immigrants who settled in Ballard. Several exhibitions showcase beautiful artworks and artifacts.

Ballard offers many wonderful things for visitors and residents to enjoy and is the perfect place to call home. With all of the neighborhood’s wonderful attributes, it is no wonder why Ballard is often regarded as being one of Seattle’s best places.

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