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Barkley, Bellingham, WA

Barkley in Bellingham, Washington

Barkley, Bellingham, WA

Barkley was created in 2010. It was once part of the Mt. Baker neighborhood. Mt. Baker was divided into two neighborhoods: Barkley and Irongate. The Mt. Baker neighborhood was divided because the northern neighborhoods were growing much larger due to annexation approvals. Residents petitioned the city to examine boundaries. A review project for the northern neighborhood boundaries was put in place. The creation of Barkley was the result of the project.

Why Barkley?

There are 814 acres in Barkley. The area is primarily located between Sunset Drive to the north and Alabama Hills and Roosevelt Neighborhoods to the south. Commercial development is in the mix of land uses in the area. Barkley Urban Village is the neighborhood’s focal point. The development is located at the intersection of Barkley Boulevard and Woburn. Barkley Urban Village is among the first of the Bellingham villages to be constructed. Here, one can find a mix of residential development, professional offices, retail, and industrial areas. A number of subdivisions have been built in the area. Views of the bay and the expansive city can be enjoyed in these homes. The neighborhood residents value the view corridors, trails, open space areas and the character that exists in Barkley. Careful consideration is being taken to preserve and emphasize the characteristics of the area when developing zoning designations and ensuring zoning compliance.

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Outdoor Activities

Bellingham is creating an open space system that connects commercial centers, schools, parks, and neighborhoods. Sensitive wetland areas are being preserved for open space benefits, wildlife habitat, and water quality. Prominent open space features include view corridors, forested backdrops, wetlands and Fever Creek. Barkley Neighborhood is pedestrian friendly. A network of trails can be found there. A well established trail, called Railroad Trail, forms a portion of the border of the neighborhood. Pedestrians and bicycle enthusiasts use it as an artery to Whatcom Falls Park and downtown Bellingham. The city recognizes the potential for making Barkley Neighborhood a bike friendly community. Bike travel can be made convenient for both community and recreation purposes.


Two shopping centers, Barkley Village and Sunset Square provide the daily needs of residents. Restaurants, retail stores, and two supermarkets make these centers very popular. Sunset Cinemas and the Orleans St. Post Office add to the convenience of the area. HOUSINGSingle family homes, multi-family housing, and apartments are part of the residential growth taking place. The western hillside of Barkley Hill is covered with newer, single-family home, subdivisions. The homes are fairly large. Being built near the hilltop, provides stunning views that include the Canadian Cascades and San Juan Islands.


Roosevelt Elementary, Northern Heights Elementary, or Sunnyland Elementary is the school young children attend. Most middle school aged children attend Shuksan Middle School. Students are bused to the facility. A small section of the neighborhood is located in the Whatcom Middle School area. Squalicum High School is attended by the older students.


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