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Belltown – Seattle, WA


Belltown is an urban neighborhood located in Seattle, Washington. Belltown is located in the waterfront district of the city. In past years, this neighborhood was a commercial and industrial area.

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In the last several decades, Belltown has undergone an urban transformation period, and it is now comprised of trendy boutiques, nightclubs and avant guard restaurants.

There are a number of well-known universities located in Belltown. Antioch University, The Art Institute of Seattle and the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology are all located in the Belltown area.

The History of Belltown

The Belltown neighborhood of Seattle was developed in the early 1980s when Martin Selig launched a number of construction projects. During the financial abundance of the Reagan years., many condominium complexes were developed in Belltown, in addition to other trendy high-rise commercial and residential properties.


Today, there is a strong bohemian element in Belltown. There are many artistic establishments that are intermingled with trendy restaurants, clubs and boutiques. Belltown is known as Seattle’s Soho because it is home to many artists, galleries, shops, and unique restaurants.

Belltown Offers Residents Many Educational Opportunities

Belltown also offers residents a variety of educational options for children. There are number of private and public schools in the Belltown area for grade school and high school age children. Additionally, there are number of professional institutes and universities that are situated in the Belltown area.

If you choose to raise a family in Belltown, it will certainly be an eclectic experience. The diversity of residents in Belltown will offer your children a rich and vibrant cultural experience during their school years.

If you are studying at a college level, or at a postgraduate level, you will find a number of universities that offer a wide variety of courses of study and professional training programs in Belltown.

Parks and Recreation in Belltown

One of the unique and interesting parks in Belltown is the Olympic Sculpture Park. This park is a public park and is comprised of approximately 9 acres of land. The park is completely open to the public, and admission is free.

The construction of the park was funded entirely by private individuals and companies and is under the operation of the Seattle Art Museum. There is also a section of the Belltown formally known as film road. This area hosted many well-known theaters in the past. Currently, the only theater that is in operation is the Jewel Box theater, although many of the original buildings remain in this area of Belltown.

If you are looking for a great place to live in the Seattle area, and you enjoy trendy urban areas with a bohemian flare, Belltown may just be the place for you. Belltown offers its residents many different dining options, a variety of art galleries and unique boutique shops.

Additionally, there are a number of small theaters that produce independent stage productions. With such close proximity to downtown Seattle, it is also a great place for people who work in the downtown area to live.

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