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Are Open Houses Still Relevant in Today’s Market?

Housing analysts in the United States have seen clear signs of a gradual recovery in recent years and the past two years have presented a strong market. However, this time around the internet takes center stage as the chief search tool for interested buyers. As a result, open houses have oftentimes taken the back burner as a marketing tool. Open houses can and still do benefit several home selling situations, but it is important to understand exactly why this is the case. 

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Open Houses in the Right Markets

In select markets open houses are gaining traction once again after a few years of cash buying and investment purchases. Open houses are still a viable option for several markets since it is an excellent way to gain foot traffic in your home.

At this time, open houses are not recommended in distressed housing markets since those are communities that still attract investors, flippers and opportunistic buyers. This is not the case in the housing markets of Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, and the Puget Sound. These are communities where first-time home buyers and families are very interested in buying, and they are much more interested in browsing properties and visiting homes either alone or in an open house format.

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Hosting the Right Open House Event

Open houses do not need to be lavish, but simply to do the purpose of showcasing your home. It definitely helps to have snacks, plentiful information and a spotless home to open up to visitors. The same goes for displaying local crafts and keeping a radio tuned to local news or light music. Make your home comfortable and welcoming with the small details previously mentioned and they will hopefully spark the interest of first-time visitors.

The idea of holding an open house is to make prospective buyers feel comfortable and at home. This means making sure the home is spotless and in the best shape possible. As far as playing the part of the host, this is best left to the listing agent. In the end, you as a home seller should entrust the open houses to your agent. For more information about selling your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, or take a look at our Definitive Guide to Selling Your Home for further details.

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