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Eight Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Here are 8 of the most popular mistakes made by homeowners attempting to sell a home and with a little effort, each can be completely avoided.

Be Reasonable with the Price

Whether this is your first time selling a home or you are a seasoned seller, the temptation to ask for too much is always a reality. This is the biggest reason that homes for sale stay on the market for such a long period of time. Do the research necessary to price your home reasonably or seek professional help with the sale.

Use a Professional Realtor

The second biggest mistake home sellers could ever make is attempting to make the sale alone. This is even worse for first time home sellers. There is a lot to lose with the sale of a home. It will probably be the most valuable item you will ever sell in your entire life. A realtor is the best way to go when selling a home.

Marketing is Key in any Sale

No matter what the item being sold might be, marketing is always absolutely important. You cannot simply place an ad in the paper and expect to get multiple hits on any sale. This is not how selling works. Marketing the sale of your home will get valuable information about the sale to potential buyers.

Make Repairs and Upgrades Ahead of Time

Another major mistake sellers make is to leave the sale to chance. The condition of both the interior and exterior of a home will dictate the price of the final sale of the home. If problem areas are fixed and appropriate upgrades are made prior to the sale of the home, the value and final sale price will increase exponentially. Make those upgrades and repairs first.

Clear the Clutter

No one wants to purchase a home that is full of clutter when being seen. This might not sound like a big deal or that it should even matter, but in all reality it matters quite a bit. Anything that distracts a potential buyer from the important areas of the home for sale is a distraction that should be packed away ahead of time.

Leave Emotions out of the Sale

Preparing a home for the sale is a key component to success. The way a home is set up will play a vital role in its successful sale. Just because you are emotionally attached to that tacky curtain doesn’t mean it should be left there during the showing. Be reasonable with decorating during a sale and leave emotions out of it.

Lowball Offers will Come: Be Prepared with Counter Offers

Lowball offers are inevitable. Whenever a sale is involved, the buyer offering a ridiculously low amount of money is there as well. Don’t let this disturb you. Simply be ready with a counter offer. Always remember that the sale of a home is a negotiation of sorts. Offers will go back and forth until a mutually agreed upon offer is reached.

Don’t Lose a Sale Over Something Stupid

More sellers lose the sale over things that should never matter. If you feel attached to those ridiculous curtains but now the buyer wants to have them included in the sale, don’t let it be the one thing to cancel out a $300,000.00 sale. Anything that is sentimentally valuable to you should be put away and replaced prior to the showing of a home for sale.

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