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How To Make Your Home Appeal To Younger Buyers

If you’re selling your home, there’s a good chance that you will entertain at least a few younger buyers as they make up a growing segment of the real estate market. Let’s take a quick look at what ‘millennials’ and younger buyers are searching for when they shop for a new home, and a few quick upgrades you can make to ensure you have a successful sale.

What Are Younger Buyers Searching For?

Modernize Your Kitchen and Bathroom

While buyers and their real estate agents will shine the spotlight on every room in your home, the kitchen and bathrooms are generally held to a higher standard. Ensure that you have modern bathroom faucets, sinks and counter tops at the minimum, and if possible replacing an old bathtub with a glass-enclosed shower is a safe bet. For the kitchen, stainless steel appliances and granite counters are the way to go. Do away with any patterns or wallpaper elements in these rooms and stick with neutral, pleasant paint colors.

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Staging to Appeal to Younger Buyers is Critical

Regardless of how long you’ve owned it, you probably love your furniture and the various items that make up your home’s décor. The problem is… you’re not selling to you! Millennials can be an incredibly picky bunch, with tastes ranging from minimalist to retro to post-modern. Staging your home with a younger audience in mind is crucial as it might only take one look before a potential buyer decides your home isn’t suitable. Remember – your goal as a seller is to help to paint the picture of what life in your home will be like after the buyer moves in and gets things shaped up.

If you need some assistance with the staging process, contact us and we’ll be happy to share some advice.

Promote the Amenities Within Walking Distance

This generation is all about ‘walkability’, and buyers will be curious about what amenities are close enough to your home that they can forego driving. If you’ve lived in your home for a few years or more you’ve likely got the neighbourhood memorized; if not, making a quick list of grocery and convenience stores, cafes, restaurants, medical clinics and fitness centers would be a good idea.

Don’t Forget: They’re ‘High Tech’

Finally it’s wise to remember that millennials and young professionals rely on technology for many different aspects of their lives. Your home absolutely needs to be wired for some form of high-speed internet. Poor cellular reception with a specific carrier? It can be enough to kill a sale. If it’s within your budget try to add a few inexpensive tech pieces to your home, like a thermostat that can be controlled remotely via an iPhone or Android app. These subtle touches will be noticed and can help close the sale.

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