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Hello again #MarketMonday! This week we discuss some influential factors playing a part in why Americans are delaying their decision to buy homes. Many believe this delayed decision is due to high real estate prices, but that isn’t playing a major factor in this trend. We also discuss the responsibility of saving for a down payment. We know it isn’t easy, so check out some tips we found to help you prepare! We also highlight some home improvement tips that will help you save on taxes. Last but not least, we discuss how mortgage rates could affect the real estate market.

My team is happy to answer any questions about the current real estate market or to discuss what is most important to you whether you are looking to buy, sell or invest in today’s market.


Delaying the dream: Americans are waiting longer to buy homes

Homeownership is within reach for those looking into the real estate market. Many Americans are delaying their decision to buy a home because it’s hard to save money for a down payment with high rent prices and college debt. However, buying a home starts to build equity, which can be an important investment for your future.

How to Trick Your Brain Into Saving a Down Payment

It is challenging to save enough money for a down payment on a home, but it is worth it! Here are some tips and motivators we found to help “trick” your brain into saving for that big investment!

5 ways home improvements can qualify for tax breaks

Did you know you can get tax breaks for your home? Save on your taxes this year with big AND small home improvements. Every little bit counts!

If mortgage rates go to 6 percent, here’s what’ll happen to housing

Increased mortgage rates could result in some very hot markets and could result in rising home prices. However, homeownership can still be affordable.


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