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Happy #MarketMonday and welcome to a new season! This week we discuss why fall may be a perfect time for buyers to enter the market. Making a decision to enter the housing market is tough. We found some questions that will help you determine if the timing is right. We also discuss millennials. They are the talk of all industries, including real estate. We discuss how they are impacting the housing industry and what the future holds for millennials in real estate.

My team is happy to answer any questions about the current real estate market or to discuss what is most important to you whether you are looking to buy, sell or invest in today’s market.


3 reasons fall is a great time to buy a home

Happy October! Fall isn’t usually the norm for homebuyers, so it may be the right time for you to think about entering the housing market. With a competitive housing market in 2015, this time of year would mean less competition.

4 Questions to Help You Time the Market

Timing the market and deciding when to buy a house can be a tough process. These questions are a great place to start when making that decision. These questions help analyze the current housing market that will then help you determine whether or not you’re ready.

Four sacrifices millennials can make to become homeowners

The millennial generation continues to be a buzzing topic in all industries because they are the biggest target market. Experts are predicting that 2015 is the “year of the millennial” when it comes to them entering the housing market. This article discusses some of the sacrifices millennials will have to make when becoming homeowners in the Washington area.

Student loan burden doesn’t explain low Millennial homeownership

Many think student loans play a major factor in millennials delaying their decision to enter the housing market; they don’t. Yes, student loans play a role, but they aren’t the main factor. Many factors contribute to this decreasing homeownership rate.

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