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This week we want to update you on why Seattle’s housing market is HOT, HOT, HOT. Not only do we feel confident about it, so do home builders. They haven’t felt this good about the market for the past 10 years. We also touch on our beloved millennials. They are entering the market fast, but it’s posing some problems. Lastly, we highlight how Seattle has been named one of the top “greenest” cities. We love #thatPNWLife!

My team is happy to answer any questions about the current real estate market or to discuss what is most important to you whether you are looking to buy, sell or invest in today’s market.


Home builders haven’t felt this good about the housing market since 2005

Home builders haven’t felt this good for 10 years! A survey from the National Association of Home Builders’ members showed that the Housing Market Index increased by three points in just a month. Economists are saying the real estate industry is consistently growing stronger.

Seattle Housing Market Hotter Than Ever in 2015

This article provides data showing how the local housing market in Seattle has been booming this year. April through September was the hottest it’s been in the past few years. This successful real estate year isn’t over yet though! Get ready for a solid ending to 2015 and a strong start to 2016.

Now even the cheapest homes are too expensive for millennials

Millennials are coming in hot to the real estate market; however, low home inventory is serving as a major obstacle for them. Starter homes are becoming hot commodities, making them “scarce” and causing increased competition.

The 15 Greenest Cities in America

Shoutout to Seattle for making this list! Seattle prides itself on living green, which makes it a healthy environment to live in and an overall wonderful city. #PNWLove

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