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Happy #MarketMonday! This week we catch you up on the latest real estate trends. We highlight why winter could be the right time to find a deal on a new home because the competition slows down. We also highlight a new real estate trend called “rent-to-own,” but is it the best option for those needing to save in order to invest in a home? We found eight home costs to help prepare new buyers. Lastly, low home inventory is most likely going to continue haunting the housing market, but we’re hoping to see improvements in 2016.

My team is happy to answer any questions about the current real estate market or to discuss what is most important to you whether you are looking to buy, sell or invest in today’s market.


How to Get the Best Deal When Buying a Home in the Winter

Winter is a great time to buy a home. It usually slows down, so buyers can find some surprising deals on that home they’ve been looking for. With a slowdown in home buyers, it also makes sellers eager to make a deal.

Is rent-to-own the future of housing?

A new real estate option has emerged. While buyers are saving up for their future home, they may look to renting first. However, if rent prices stay high, it could make it hard for buyers to save.

8 Home Costs That Take New Buyers by Surprise

Buying a home is a chance to invest in something long-term. Sometimes first-time buyers are caught off guard by some costs that come with a new home. Our goal is to prepare those new buyers and to make their home buying experience the best possible.

Expect inventory shortage to stick around in 2016

Low home inventory has been a continuous problem for the housing market. It’s a good sign for sellers because it means multiple offers on a home and strong competition; however, not the best sign for buyers. Researchers are predicting a change and we hope to see it follow through!



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