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Quick and Essential Repairs Before Selling Your Home

Selling your home requires more than a sign and a Realtor. It requires a bit of time, effort, and consideration. If you want to sell your home for top dollar, you’ll have to make time for several considerations, including how you can improve your home so that you can ask more money for it when it’s time to sell.

There are a few minor repairs and changes you can make that will turn your house from average to outstanding, making it more appealing to buyers when you finally list it on the market.

Fix Signs of Neglect 

You might have forgotten that your screen door has a small hole or that the second window to the left in the attic has been missing a screen since you moved in, but these things will not go unnoticed by buyers. They are simple signs of neglect that make buyers wonder what else you let go for too long.

Even worse, these can give potential buyers doubts over how long they’ll be able to live in this house before they find out just how much work it really needs. Go through your house and look at it with an objective eye. Make notes as you go. Fix leaking faucets, creaking doors, shaky ceiling fans, and anything else that could be misconstrued as neglect.

Spruce Up Your Baseboards

What a fresh coat of white paint will do your baseboards is astounding. This simple change can make your room look brighter, bigger, and more appealing to buyers. Baseboards are so often neglected and ignored. They become riddled with scuffmarks, stains, and dust. It’s unattractive and very noticeable to buyers.

Paint Overly Bold Rooms

Buyers want to see themselves living in your home and if they can’t see past your black walls and red furniture, they’re walking out the door. Neutral colors are best. They allow buyers to see what they can do to a room, see their own belongings in the room, and see themselves living here comfortably.


Even if they plan on painting no matter what color the walls are when they enter your home, providing them with a blank canvas is going to benefit the sale of your home.

De-Clutter and Stage

While de-cluttering and staging are not necessarily considered repairs to make to your home, they are considered improvements. Eliminate as many personal belongings such as knick-knacks and dust collectors as possible.

They less your buyers have to look through, over, and around to see what the house looks like and to imagine themselves living there, the better.

Repair Your Yard 

Curb appeal matters when selling your home. The first thing potential buyers judge your house on is your curb appeal. Cut the grass, replace old mulch, clean the porch, pressure wash or paint your house and driveway, and wash your windows. Bonus tip – wash windows on an overcast day or at night because the sun makes windows dry faster leaving more streaks.

Unless your house is in complete disarray, you won’t have to do much prior to listing it for sale. However, there’s nothing quite as beneficial to sellers as a deep clean and a walk-through with unbiased eyes.

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