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    Seattle: Most “Chill” City

    Bert Sperling of Sperling’s Best Places recently ranked Seattle at the top of the most “chill cities” list. Seattle may be extremely laidback, but this list is determined in terms of daily high temperatures, humidity and nighttime low temperatures for the summer months. Throughout Seattle summers the rain has a tendency to stay away for longer stretches. According to Sperling, overall the northwest is one of the most agreeable summer temperature averages in the United States because temps rarely rise above the nineties. On the other hand, cities that top the “hottest cities” list include Phoenix, Dallas and Las Vegas. Check out the full article here.

    Photo by, Bekah Osborne
    Photo by, Bekah Osborne

    Sperling’s Chill Cities List:

    1. Seattle
    2. Portland
    3. San Francisco
    4. Denver
    5. San Jose
    6. Buffalo
    7. Salt Lake City
    8. Milwaukee
    9. Detroit
    10. Pittsburgh

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