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Selling by the End of Summer

Summer is a busy time of year for many people. Most schools are out for the summer, many people are on vacation and traveling is at the top of the list for most people. Some of these things can make selling a home a little bit of a struggle, but the good news is that relocating parties and families moving homes want to get in their homes quickly before a new jobs begins or school starts. With a little help and a few tips, selling a house in the summer should be a breeze.

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Why It’s a Good Time to Sell

Although many people are traveling and busy, there are also many people that begin new jobs in the summer. Recent college graduates moving across the country make up a large portion of this population, although other people also switch jobs during the warmer months, too. For those who have pets, or don’t want to rent, owning a home is the top choice. Because of their need for a home, they’re more likely to buy. More importantly, real estate prices in the Seattle area are expected to rise nearly 7% in the next year.

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Tips for Selling

To grab their attention, there’s a lot a seller can do. If a property has a lawn, it’s a good idea to mow it every two weeks, if not sooner, if possible. Maintain the lawn, any hedges, bushes, or plants, and anything else that add to a property’s curb appeal. Most people are drawn to a house because of its appeal. Even if the inside is an owner’s dream, a poorly maintained outward appearance will scare potential buyers away.

Once the curbside appeal has been fixed, work on the inside. Remove heavy drapes, open blinds, and keep the temperature at a comfortable level. Remember, people that are looking to buy a home want to feel like they can live in the place they’re looking at. If a house is warm, dark, or stuffy, it could make them think twice about buying it.

Remove any old rugs or other items that might cause musty or unwanted odors. Install new tile, paint walls, and replace doorknobs and other hardware if needed. Keep the air smelling clean with fresh flowers or air fresheners. However, be careful not to use scents that are too strong or that might cause allergic reactions in potential buyers.

Be sure to include refreshments and treats. Local specialties that show off the region’s delicacies are always a good idea. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra to intrigue a buyer. What’s a few extra dollars now for a guarantee buyer?

Of course, there’s a fairly decent chance that other owners are relying on the same tactics to increase their home value, too. To further the odds that a potential buyer will be interested, include other incentives for buying. Offering quick closings, or paid inspections, are sure-fire ways to attract interest. Talking with visitors and figuring out their needs and desires can also help sellers negotiate deals that may make their homes more desirable.

Some of these tips are pretty basic, but it’s amazing how many homeowners will overlook them when trying to sell a house. However, if a seller uses theses tips, and even researches some of their own, they’ll find they have more people interested in buying their home. For more information on selling your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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