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Staging Tips to Help Prepare Your Home For a Quick Sale

Home staging is an essential step in getting your house ready to sell. Tried and true home staging tips will help move your rooms from the winter doldrums to a more open and airy spring feeling.

Eliminate clutter

There are few things more off-putting than touring a home for sale that’s overrun with knick-knacks or other stuff. While your collection of souvenirs from your world travels is fascinating for you and your family, strangers who may want to live in your house one day don’t care. Clutter makes your home look and feel small and almost claustrophobic to many buyers.

Deal with clutter by keeping papers and unnecessary possessions out of sight. Consider moving furniture from rooms that seem crowded to make them appear larger. You’ll likely find that the openness lifts your mood and attracts buyers.

Paint some rooms, please?

If your rooms are in dire need of a new coat of paint, now’s the time to apply it. Potential home buyers who see cracked and peeling paint could make them wonder what other kinds of hidden issues lurk in a house that hasn’t seen regular upkeep.

Most potential home buyers aren’t interested in painting rooms while they’re also packing up their current house for a move. Fresh-painted walls are so common in homes for sale that not painting yours strikes a jarring note.

Home staging experts disagree on the kinds of colors you should choose for your rooms. Most recommend neutral colors that make rooms feel more open and help potential buyers picture their own possessions in the house. Some experts cite the value of painting rooms such as baths or bedrooms a darker color to increase the feeling of intimacy or to make the rooms stand out.

Clean and repair

Just as you don’t want to turn off potential buyers with a cluttered house, you want to showcase your home’s benefits in a sparkling clean environment. If there ever was a time to do deep cleaning, staging is it. Potential buyers want to see clean windows and floors.

They don’t want to smell odors that announce the presence of pets or smokers. It can be hard work, but keeping your home spotless while you’re marketing it can mean the difference between a quick sale and a drawn-out experience.

Repairs are just as important as cleaning. Malfunctioning lights and outlets, squeaky doors and unstable handrails show that you haven’t been keeping up with common home repairs. Buyers worry about the more serious repairs that have gone undone too.

Don’t forget the exterior

The first thing potential buyers see is your front yard and entrance. The front door must be as inviting as possible, and if it’s energy efficient that’s even better. New hardware adds to the door’s appeal. Shutters and trim should be clean and in good repair. Spring flowers in planters and a well-kept lawn also help encourage potential buyers to take a look inside.

The effort you use to stage your house for sale may seem daunting and not worth your valuable time. Experts, though, will tell you that it can make all the difference when you must sell your home quick and for your asking price.

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