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The Benefits of a Scheduling a Home Inspection

The benefits of a home inspection can be summarized as discovering the problems with a home that could pose a hazard to the residents, or cost a significant amount of money to fix. In fact, it could be both of these.

Even a relatively new home can have problems that have been undetected. For example, a leak under the slab, or a leak in the wall that has not yet surfaced, or an electrical problem that has gone unnoticed. A home inspection will reveal problems with the roof that can cause water to leak into the attic and down into the living area. A poorly installed roof will allow ice dams in the winter months, and these will also result in damage to the roof and the home interior.

The main sewer line from the home to the street can be a cause of expensive repairs if the sewer line tile has cracked causing a blockage or if tree roots have penetrated the line. The video equipment that is available today will allow a thorough inspection of the line.

Home Inspection - Washington StateThe electrical system should be checked for problems at the outlets which could indicate more extensive problems with the electrical service. The circuit breaker box should be checked for any of a number of problems.

Among them are worn connections, overloaded circuit breakers or fuses, and inadequate electrical service from the panel. The amount of problems that can exist in an electrical service panel are too numerous to elaborate on in this article.

Slab homes should be checked for interior cracks and for dirt that is washing out from under the slab outside. This could indicate a water line leak or other serious problems that would require costly repairs.

The doors and windows should be checked for air leaks that will increase the heating bill if they are not eliminated. Air tight window frames will add to the comfort level of the home during all seasons, and this will save money.

A home inspector will inspect the condition of the structure. This means checking the foundation of the home for any signs of a weakened structure such as the tie down 2 x 4s warping.

Particular attention is paid to the basement walls, and the floor where it joins the walls. The inspector would be looking for signs of water leakage and mold.

The furnace will be examined to verify that it is safe and that it will operate efficiently. Carbon dioxide will be checked because it is the quiet killer. All of the CO2 and smoke alarms will be checked to make sure they work properly.

The home inspector will also verify that the home is to code. The local code is important to the inspector and they will ensure that the home meets it.

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