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    What Will Buyers Compromise On?

    Whether you’ve been pondering an upgrade to a larger house or it’s simply time to move on from your community, selling your piece of real estate means presenting it in its best possible light to buyers and addressing any concerns that they have. Although every buyer wants their ‘dream home’, most individuals are willing to compromise on certain items in order to obtain others.

    What Will Buyers Compromise On?

    Understanding How Modern Buyers Think

    As you know, each potential buyer will have their own needs and wants, and will approach buying a home in their own unique way. However, with a bit of careful analysis you can generally get an idea of what your prospective buyers are concerned with in order to tweak how you present your home. For example, survey data from the National Association of REALTORS® suggests that younger or first-time homebuyers are far more willing to make compromises than older, more experienced buyers who have already been through negotiations or may be buying the home they plan to retire in.

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    Play Up Your Home’s Strengths First

    Does your home have large walk-in closets, a completely renovated kitchen with new stainless-steel appliances, or perhaps rooftop solar panels which drastically reduce your monthly energy bills? Whatever your home’s strengths are, be sure to talk them up to potential buyers. If you are still in the early stages of selling your home and you haven’t begun to upgrade or renovate, contact our offices and we’ll share some key areas to focus on.

    Accepting a Longer Commute or Less Public Transit

    Although it’s probably safe to say that virtually nobody likes the idea of a lengthy commute, you can rest easy if your home is located outside of the city or if you aren’t located near a WTA or Metro Transit stop. 44 percent of recent homebuyers stated that they willingly gave up close proximity to public transportation in order to get the home that they wanted. If you are dealing with a younger or millennial buyer, try to talk up the ‘walkability’ of the local neighborhood as survey data suggests this is a major consideration.

    Shops, Restaurants and Entertainment Aren’t as Important

    Many homeowners believe that they will face challenges during the sale if they aren’t close to restaurants, shopping or other forms of entertainment. However, survey data suggests that this isn’t true. More than 33 percent of recent homebuyers indicated that they were willing to forego having quick access to dining or entertainment in order to secure their new home.

    Are you giving some thought to selling your home in Bellingham, Everett or elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest? The professional real estate sales team here at Keller Williams Western Realty is happy to assist you with your sale. We’ll provide you with a home evaluation, help to craft your listing and leverage our unique marketing approach to attract immediate buyer interest. Contact us at your convenience at 877-739-7070 or by email on our contact form. We look forward to it!

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