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Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington

Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

The Capitol Hill neighborhood of interior Seattle, Washington is this city’s heart of counter-cultural community and alternative living. This distinct and unique region of Seattle can be compared to the Castro District of San Francisco, Greenwich Village in New York and the Saturday Market area of nearby Portland, Oregon.

This neighborhood is extremely densely populated, but maintains an incredible mix of small business, cultural venues and housing that suits all types of families. The vast majority of Capitol Hill housing composes a diverse collection of apartment complexes from studio-style, to high-end West Coast luxury.

The average income in Capitol Hill is slightly higher than the Washington State average, but dwellings are plentiful and property ownership is part of a sustained and competitively vital market.

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Visible And Prominent Location

Capitol Hill is situated at the geographic center of metropolitan Seattle and is one of the highest points in the area (over 400 feet). For this reason, most of the 50,000 residents enjoy active lifestyles and access to natural attractions, as well as, convenient commuting to all points in the city. The “feel” of Capitol Hill is textbook Maritime, with mild seasons and a sense of close community.

Within the Capitol Hill neighborhood there are at least 10 accredited schools and innumerable churches of every denomination. Within the five square mile area are an amazing amount of art galleries, performance venues, theaters, nightclubs, fringe establishments and public parks.

This neighborhood is the center of Seattle’s Pike-Pine Corridor and is the birthplace of many notable cultural trends, such as the social coffeehouse and Grunge Music.

Living In Capitol Hill

This neighborhood is a dream-come-true for people of all income levels, career paths and lifestyles. It is definitely the most “progressive” of all Seattle districts, and there are ample home ownership and rental opportunities.

While the Capitol Hill area has, arguably, the highest concentration of apartment complexes in the metro area, it is also home to some of Washington State’s most spectacular, architecturally innovative and newly constructed mansions.

Unlike many similar cities and neighborhoods, Capitol Hill residents are famous for peacefully living together and sharing the same living ideals.

Transportation in and around Capitol Hill is inexpensive and reliable. High speed rail, transport authority bus service and taxis are available throughout all of Seattle. This neighborhood is particularly famous for its walking, jogging and biking trails. It also has a thriving skateboard, scooter and moped user demographic.

Though the neighborhood is the center of artistic and cultural life in the city, it has an unmistakably laid-back residential, professional and political atmosphere which is highly preferred by the vast majority of residents. There is hustle-and-bustle, but there is also color, music, learning, great food, friendly people and a beautiful interface with the natural world.

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