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Enatai, Bellevue, WA

Enatai in Bellevue, Washington

Enatai, Bellevue, WA

Residents of the Seattle metropolitan area may not realize that they actually still have a few rural regions left. There are some pockets available that will help people get access to open spaces and fresh air.

The Enatai area in Bellevue, WA  is one place that will provide just that. However, it is more than just a rural section of the woods. This place has everything that people will want to see when it comes to living in a suburban area as well.

If you would like to move here, you will probably want to do a bit more research. You can read through to find all the information you would need about Enatai.

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Varied Styles For Houses

Most people will be glad to see that trees still dominate the landscape that is present along the neighborhood of Enatai. However, prospective homebuyers will also be interested in taking a look at the different styles of homes that are available.

The majority of homes in this community were built during the 1950s, which gives them a distinctive style. You may want to take a look around by just driving through this residential area. Many people have become enamored by the country style that they see when they come visit this community.

Community Atmosphere In This Setting

If you haven’t ever lived in a small town before, you might not appreciate some of the smaller things like this. However, it really can be enjoyable to rely on the community in which you live.

The Enatai residential area will foster this kind of attitude among its residents. If you haven’t ever thought about how valuable this is, you will immediately understand when you become a resident.

There are quite a few people who feel right at home when they are welcomed by some of the local people in this area. You will likely feel just the same if you opt to come here.

Mixture Of Waterfront Properties

Some people might also be impressed by the fact that this residential area does extend down to Lake Washington. This is a major draw for the residents of this community, because it provides them with a number of recreational activities.

If you haven’t ever thought about why this is valuable, you might be impressed by what you see. There are several people who have been able to buy multimillion-dollar homes along the waterfront here. If you would like to check out this neighborhood, they actually have some wide price ranges for you to enjoy.

Access To Different Amenities

Finally, all the residents here seem to enjoy the fact that they can get access to the local amenities provided by Seattle. The metropolitan area has extended outward and does include the nearby city of Bellevue.

However, this is a major draw for people here, since they can count on having high paying jobs available. They may also be interested in the local international airport that will help traffic them to different areas of the country.

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