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Fairhaven, Bellingham, WA

Fairhaven in Bellingham, Washington

Fairhaven, Bellingham, WA

About Fairhaven

Bellingham, WA is a unique and special place to live. But within Bellingham, the good can be better if you’re within the historic, lively neighborhood of Fairhaven. Southeast of the main downtown area, Fairhaven retains the village atmosphere of yesterday, with cobblestone streets, a distinct personality and small shops and cafes; yet it offers easy access to all the amenities of modern life.

The neighborhood is nestled between the sea and the countryside, all with a view of the mountains — and its own heart is its historic district and the ferry terminal, gateway for travel to Alaska. This is a seafaring town, established in the 1800s, and it retains the look and feel of the frontier.

Adventurers still spend their last days here before boarding the modern Alaska state-run ferry for a spectacular journey to the wilderness along the Southeast Passage.

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History surrounded by the city

Despite its history, however, or maybe because of it, the Village of Fairhaven, officially a part of Bellingham for 110 years now, is completely encircled by the city. It is a thoroughly up-to-date community of homes, apartments, businesses and shopping. The Village center looks as if it still belongs in the last century, with its architecture defined by a prescribed code strictly enforced.

And, on its eastern border, the campus of Western Washington University lends an air of calm and stability to the area. Major malls, as well as businesses, medical centers, and shopping, are only minutes away.

Living in Fairhaven offers a multitude of choices; many of the available choices are condos in historic buildings which offer the best of an urban lifestyle within a quiet, “simpler time” community. If you’re passion has anything to do with water sports or boating, this is the perfect community, within walking distance of the piers. However, as in much of Washington state, the attractions don’t end at the water.

Whatcom County surrounding Belllingham offers a wide array of simple pleasures ranging from blueberry picking to local cheeses, wines and produce. In fact, Fairhaven has a regular farmers market.

Delights of Fairhaven extend beyond its borders

The arts, woodworking, sports, books, theater and educational workshops are all popular pastimes in this corner of Western Washington; and the international border with Canada offers a myriad of other opportunities to expand your horizons. The year-round snow-covered peak of Mt.

Baker hints at the accessibility of winter sports and fishing out of Bellingham Bay is of legendary proportions. Nearby streams and lakes offer other possibilities for outdoor enjoyment, from hiking and camping to nature trails and horseback riding.

Staying in town can be just as exciting, with numerous festivals and community events planned throughout the year, but the area really comes alive from spring until fall, when events such as the Dirty Dan Seafood Festival and the Fairhaven Festival involve residents and tourists alike in a celebration of the village’s past, present and future.

There are many reasons why people are attracted to Fairhaven, to the Bellingham area, and to Washington state; but one of them is at the top of the list. The quality of life here is unbeatable.

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