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Geneva, Bellingham, WA

Geneva in Bellingham, Washington

Geneva, Bellingham, WA

About Geneva in Bellingham, Washington

Located near the northwest shore of Lake Whatcom and the Galbraith Mountains is Geneva, a suburb of Bellingham, WA. It’s an area filled with pine trees that provides its residents a more rural landscape than other places around Bellingham. There are popular homes near Lake Whatcom that offer owners their own docks and the ability to easily go down to the beach.

Most of the homes in the Geneva neighborhood are single family dwellings. There is a gated community in the Galbraith Mountain. The crime is low and public schools are highly rated by the state of Washington. Geneva is a beautiful neighborhood surround by pristine wilderness located close to a variety of stores, restaurants and other activities.

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American Museum of Radio and Electricity

This museum near Bellingham provides its visitors with the opportunity to see electrical experiments that were conducted as far back as the 1600s. There are also items from famous laboratories such as Thomas Edison’s as well as experimental vacuum tubes and more. It also contains thousands of radios that cover its history from invention to current radios.

There are also hands-on exhibits where visitors can watch their hair fluff out in the static electricity laboratory or create music with the first electrical instrument called a Theremin.

Whale Watching

Those with an adventurous spirit and a love of nature can experience whale watching. There are a few places where a person can see all the spectacular marine wildlife the area has to offer. Whale watching cruises will give people the opportunity to see Orca whales, sea lions, seals, bald eagles and more.

The cruises usually come with a delicious meal and lots of information about what has been seen on the cruise.


When residents have the need to shop they have a wide variety of choices available to them. There is the Bellis Fair Mall, which has five major department stores and approximately 150 other types of stores. It also has a major food court and a six-plex theater. People who want to do some traditional shopping can visit the downtown area of Bellingham.

There are every type of store from plant stores to book stores there and more. A Farmer’s Market is held in downtown Bellingham on every Saturday of the year. Should anyone be interested in shopping at a high-end store, they can visit the Historic Fairhaven District.

Whatcom Falls Park

Anyone who wants to enjoy a beautiful city park can visit Whatcom Falls Park. It’s a 241 acre park that is home to Whatcom Creek, which flows all the way from Lake Whatcom to Bellingham Bay.

The park has four different type of waterfalls and many miles of hiking trails. It’s a place that has tennis courts, picnic tables, playgrounds, barbecue grills and anything else needed to provide a great time for an individual or family visiting the park.

Bellingham Sportsplex

The Bellingham Sportsplex is a facility made for people who like to participate in sports. It has two turf fields for indoor soccer, an ice rink for amateur hockey as well as figure skating and ice skating lessons. Many local schools and amateur teams use the Bellingham Sportsplex to play their league games.

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