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Guide Meridian, Bellingham, WA

Guide Meridian in Bellingham, Washington

Guide Meridian, Bellingham, WA

About Guide Meridian

The lifestyle and homes within Guide Meridian, Bellingham are cozy, and sit ensconced in nature. The largest age groups in this little community are 30’s and 50’s, but every group is still well represented. The average median home goes for about 309,000, while the average household income is about 59,000. The crime level is below the national level which allows you to rest easy.

There is a park within walking distance of the community, not to mention the parks minutes away. There are also rivers and creeks nearby. The majority of the homes here were built in the 90’s, but the community has not stopped growing with the times, and have upgraded the interiors.

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A school worth mentioning which is situated very close to Guide Meridian, is the Columbia Elementary School. They scored a 9 on the Great Schools scale, and are beloved by children and parents in the vicinity. A parent wrote that the teachers at this school, attempt to become as close to the parents as they can to ensure proper communication.

Because of the close connection the teachers have with the parents, the parents are not afraid to make comments or suggestions that may prove invaluable in the education of their young. Whatcom Middle School is another school that should be mentioned, they try to have small classes, so that the teacher can have more of an opportunity to have a one on one interaction with all the students.

Parents seem to feel confident about sending their young to this school. Options High School is another school worth noting and what they are known for is also in their name. They are committed to opening all the options of the future to their students.

What To Do in Guide Meridian?

Besides having great parks and other natural wonders what else can you expect to find in, or nearby Guide Meridian in Bellingham, Washington? Well, before going any further one natural wonder must be mentioned: the Whatcom Falls Park, which does have a spectacular waterfall.

There are a few shopping centers with numerous stands and shops to suit any of your needs, be it fashion, food or electronics. There is a grandiose film house, where you can catch the latest story that the creative minds in Hollywood have come up with. Don’t despair, cinephiles, as there is also a gorgeous and petite film house – Pickford Film Center – which shows independent films.

There is the Spark Museum of Electronic Invention, which makes the history of electricity quite entertaining, yet educational at the same time. There is fine dining, wine houses, golf courses, bowling alleys and a beach, but there is so much more that will make living in Guide Meridian endlessly exciting.

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