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Juanita, Kirkland, WA

Juanita in Kirkland, Washington

Juanita, Kirkland, WA

About Juanita

Juanita, Kirkland, is a suburb of Seattle, Wash. The city is located 12 miles east of Seattle and is the home of 80,000 residents. Businessman, Peter Kirk, founded the city in 1886 while looking for a place to expand his business.

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Historical Landmarks

The city has a long history and has many historical landmarks. The Peter Kirk Building, built in 1891, is the only surviving building that is directly linked to the founder of the city. The city founder, Peter Kirk, had his office on the second floor of the building. The city has many other historical landmarks, such as the Heritage Hall Building, built in 1922, the Campbell Building, built in 1891 and the Sears building, also built in 1891.

Amenities of the city

There are many amenities that make Kirkland a great place to live. Restaurants, art galleries, city parks and beaches keep residents entertained. Adults will find many nightlife spots in the city to keep themselves entertained. The Laughs Comedy Spot, the Caribbean Casino and the Beach Café are just a few of the entertainment night spots that adults frequently visit. The Beach Cafe is a cuisine seafood/steakhouse with a waterfront view that offers indoor and outdoor dining. Locals love to visit The Beach Cafe during happy hour. There is a huge art scene in the city. Art performances, exhibits and galleries are common in the area. Throughout the city parks, sidewalks and waterfronts, there are sculptures that have been created by some of the nations most well known artist.

Parks and Recreation

The extraordinary park system is made up of gleaming waterfront parks that run along side Lake Washington. The chain of parks include Bridle Trails State Park, David E. Brink Park, Doris Cooper Houghton Beach Park, Juanita Bay Park, Juanita Beach Park, Kirkland Skate Court, Marina Park, Peter Kirk Park and Waverly Park. Kirkland Park has received recognition for its wildlife preservation. Kirkland’s Everest Park has been the host to the Little League Junior Softball World Series since 1999. The parks provide a pleasant place for families to meet, relax and get a pleasant view to appreciate the beauty of the city. There are trail paths to walk, playgrounds for the kids, areas to relax and have a picnic, walk the dog, and recreational areas for sports activities and designated party areas.

Schools and Education

The city is very family friendly and has nearby schools for all of its residents. Kirkland has 12 elementary schools, three middle schools and five high schools that make up the Lake Washington School District. The LWSD is the fifth largest public school district in the state and has an enrollment of over 24,000 students. Other notable schools in the city include Lake Washington Technical College and Northwest University. The Kirkland Teen Union Building is a city supported building that has year round activities for the youth.

Below is a map of schools that you can find in and around the Juanita area:

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Overall view of Juanita – Kirkland, Wash.

Juanita – Kirkland, Wash., is a wonderful place to live for families. Besides the beautiful home designs and lovely curb appeal, the people are very friendly, and the community gives an overall sense of unity. The city offers everything that an urban city would offer but also gives the peaceful quietness that a suburban city should.

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