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Green Lake – Seattle, WA

Green Lake is a neighborhood located in Seattle, Washington. The Seattle suburb is perfectly suited for an active lifestyle and comfortable living.

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Green Lake is easily confused with its nearby namesake, Green Lake, a recreational body of water surrounded by a luscious park. Although the Green Lake neighborhood is ideal for hikers, joggers and kayakers, it also provides efficient access to downtown Seattle.

Living in Green Lake

Although Green Lake was originally settled in the 1860’s, the neighborhood has enjoyed a revival of sorts in recent years. Many buildings and homes have been refurbished and a large selection of apartments and condominiums have been constructed. A number of new businesses have also opened in the Green Lake area.


Although life in suburban Green Lake is generally quiet and reserved, the area features a generous selection of restaurants and popular nightspots. A diverse cross-section of educated professionals, urban singles, and upper class couples and growing families have decided to make Green Lake their home.

Whether they own a home or rent a condominium, Green Lake residents know that the bright lights of Seattle are never far away. This means that employment, government services, shopping, international cuisine and major sporting events are easy to access.

Green Lake Park

The residents of Green Lake like to get outside and make new friends. It is a real community where anyone can enjoy the natural splendor of Green Lake and Green Lake Park. The park makes it easy to enjoy a little relaxation or stay healthy and fit. The park features an accessible 2.8-mile track for runners, joggers and bicyclists. The lake is also a frequent destination for avid kayakers, and a wide assortment of amateur sports leagues call Green Lake Park home. Among the facilities that Green Lake Park offers are the following:

  • Guarded beach
  • Boat launch
  • Full playing courts and fields for basketball, soccer, tennis and baseball
  • Golf facility
  • Community center with indoor swimming pool
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Walking paths

Located in North central Seattle, Green Lake encompasses a total area of 259 acres and averages 13 feet in depth. The freshwater lake was carved out by the same glacial system that produced Puget Sound and Lake Washington millions of years ago. The lake and surrounding green area provide a unique suburban setting for local residents. The lake is the centerpiece of a natural preserve where countless plant and animal species flourish.

Thousands of Seattle residents regularly visit Green Lake Park to enjoy a picnic, take a swim or enjoy a day of fishing. Avid hikers and bicyclists of every description also take advantage of Green Lake’s unrivaled recreation opportunities.

The Community of Green Lake is a desirable place to live. It is located just to the north and east of Green Lake Park. Additional neighborhoods that are located near Green Lake Park include Wallingford, Phinney Ridge and Woodland Park. Seattle annexed the Green Lake area in 1891. The water flow to Green Lake was restricted by the city in 1911 to create additional green space.

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