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Everett Real Estate

The city of Everett is located in the state of Washington. It is approximately 26 miles to the north of Seattle. It has a population of over 100,000 and is the biggest city in all of Snohomish County. Everett is home to one of the largest assembly plants run by air plane manufacturer Boeing. It is also a home for a U.S. Naval Station where an aircraft carrier is located.


Anyone who wants to shop in locally owned and operated stores can easily find what they want in downtown Everett. Everything from J. Matheson Gifts to Katie O. Fine Jewelry and even Wise Designz and more are within walking distance. If someone would like to go shopping at large name-brand stores there is the Everett Mall located on Everett Mall way in the city.


When someone is interested in getting something to eat while walking around downtown Everett, they will easily find something to accommodate them. People with a desire to eat Mexican food can go to The New Mexicans or El Paraiso Mexican Grill. There is also the Sol Food Bar & Grill as well as the Anchor Pub, Under the Red Umbrella and more available to provide a positive dining experience.


People who want to use the public school system send their children to the Everett School District. There are sections located in southwest Everett that are served by the Mukilteo School District. There are also a number of opportunities for higher education including the University Center of North Puget Sound, Trinity Lutheran College, ITT Technical Institute and more.


The Comcast Arena located in downtown Everett hosts everything from sporting events, including roller derby contests, to concerts, consumer shows, arts festivals and more. People who would like to enjoy seeing live theater performances can visit the historic Everett Theatre that’s been around since the early 1900s.


The largest hospital serving Everett is the Providence Regional Medical Center Everett. This hospital has been recognized for its excellence by being listed as one of the top 100 hospitals in the United State approximately three times by 2005.


Many people enjoy going to the Everett waterfront. There are private ships located there and it is also a commercial seaport. The north section of the marina has a variety of townhouses, restaurants and retail shops. It is a busy place where people can see everything from large privately owned boats to cargo ships moving on the water.

Historic District

The city of Everett has preserved a section of itself in an area known as the Everett historic district. It is a place that’s home to various examples of classic architecture built since the city has been in existence.


There are a variety of parks located around the city of Everett. The largest and most visited is the Walter E. Hall Park. A park that with a lot of forest that has several trails, a swimming pool as well as a play area for children is Forest Park. Thornton A. Sullivan Park has a beach for swimmers and a dock for those who want to go fishing.


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