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Issaquah Real Estate

“Issaquah” comes from a local Native American word that means either “the sound of birds,” “snake,” or “little stream.” It should come as no surprise, then, that the city of Issaquah, located in the scenic Pacific Northwest region of the United States, is renowned for its gorgeous natural landscape and abundance of outdoor activities. As any visitor or resident of this city will attest, Issaquah has endless offerings for young, adventurous couples, growing families, busy professionals, or retired nature lovers.


Issaquah is located in King County at the south end of Lake Sammamish. It is slightly larger than 11 square miles and offers panoramic mountain and waterfront views. The city is surrounded by Cougar Mountain on the west, Squak Mountain to the south, and Tiger Mountain to the east. All of these mountains form the Issaquah Alps. Directly south of the city is Lake Sammamish.

The surrounding cities each offer their own unique attractions, including the quickly growing high-tech cities of Bellevue and Redmond, less than 10 miles away. The most famous city of the Pacific Northwest is located just 15 miles to the West: Seattle.


Spend just a short amount of time in Issaquah and you will understand why it is called “The Trailhead City.” The numerous surrounding mountains and parks make it a true paradise for nature lovers. There will never be a shortage of places to explore, with surrounding Squak Mountain State Park, West Tiger Mountain NRCA, Tiger Mountain State Forest, and Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park. Cougar Mountain Zoo is also an excellent place to spend the day, where the focus is not just on observing wildlife, but is specifically focused on wildlife education and endangered species.

And those who enjoy the sport of golf will find Issaquah’s golf courses to be a particularly nice feature of the city.

Issaquah features a number of diverse older neighborhoods as well as newer, more urban villages and commercial areas for shopping and dining. Issaquah is comprised of 13 distinct neighborhoods, each with their own unique character: Squak Mountain, Sycamore, Olde Town, Gilman, Newport, Montreux, I-90, Lake Tradition, Issaquah Highlands, Park Pointe, East Village, Tibbetts Creek Valley, and North Issaquah.

The city landscape offers bountiful trees, hills, open spaces, pristine landscaping, and recreational areas. One popular area of downtown Issaquah is the historic Gilman Boulevard. This tree-lined street is a center of economic activity, with retail stores, offices, cultural attractions, and recreational offerings.

There is plenty to see and do in Issaquah even when the mood strikes to take a break from nature and stay indoors. Young families and the older set will especially love the Issaquah Community Center, where classes and events are offered on a regular basis. The nearby Village Theater is also a wonderful resource for those who want to take in a live production after dinner for a great night out on the town.


Families with growing children truly know the value of a good school system and Issaquah offers just that. The Issaquah School District includes schools both in the city proper and slightly outside the city lines. There are 23 different schools that comprise the school district.

A City for Everyone

Residents of Issaquah truly love what the city has to offer. From the scenic landscape, the bounty of outdoor activities, the bustling downtown scene, quiet residential neighborhoods, and proximity to Seattle, this is a city that embraces everyone. Come see for yourself what this wonderful city has in store for you.


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