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Marysville Real Estate

The city nicknamed “The Strawberry City” during the Roaring 20’s era still stands today. It still has delicious strawberries that can be enjoyed in an annual Strawberry Festival in June. This city is Marysville. It is a city with citizens of all ages, especially those in their early 30’s. The average household income is about $57,000.

The average home cost about $278,000. The town prides itself on being community oriented. This commitment can be seen when they celebrate their annual Summer Jubilee. This event is held for the community. Children get free school supplies and haircuts, and this event is sponsored by a Christian ministry formed by many Churches within the community.

The homes in the city are cozy and full of character. They have a modern touch with a traditional style mixed in. Marysville is pretty close to the major city. The design has succeeded in making the city look like a utopia with its municipal buildings and so forth.


There are many schools available to your children in this area. Many of them are dedicated to teaching children the best education. They will also prepare them for the future. There are private schools and public schools alike. One school to mention, is a private elementary school called Grace Academy.

Their dedication to perfection is impeccable. Another school, which is public, is Pinewood Elementary School. According to parents, this is a school you can trust with your child’s education. The Tenth Street School is a middle school that parents rave about as well. They get to know the teachers personally.

The teachers in this school do not see ‘teaching’ as a job. They see it as an honor. One high school to mention is called Bio-MED Acadamy. This school has many extracurricular activities available to further expand the minds of your thirsty children. That is a side effect of having your child attend the schools around here; they will thirst for knowledge.

What to Do?

Of course there are great shopping centers and malls nearby. There are also cinematic complexes you can relax in, where you can watch the latest from Hollywood. There are great parks nearby where nature can be fully explored and fully enjoyed. But what else can you do around here?

If you like boating or want to explore wildlife or the wetland faunas, then you may want to visit Abey Waterfront at the Snohomish River Delta. Those who are interested in gambling just might be interested in the Tulalip Casino, which sits nearby as well. Perhaps you would like to take a drive.

A special kind of drive that is only available to you seasonally. This drive takes place at Mountain Loop Highway. As you can see, there is something for everyone in this beautiful and rich city. So give Marysville the honor of being your home. This will warm the hearts within the city.

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