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About Oak Harbor, WA

You are probably curious about Oak Harbor, WA, and what it has to offer. The great thing about this city is that there is a wide selection of different things that people can do. Some of the major things that people can do in Oak Harbor, WA is they can check out the wildlife. Oak Harbor homes offers stunning views of the Olympic Mountains as well as the Cascade Mountains.

Things To Do In Oak Harbor-Deception Pass State Park

You have a wide variety of different things that you can do here. One of the popular choices is to check out Deception Pass State Park. One of the major reasons that people like to go there is because it offers over 40 miles of hiking trails. This helps to make it one of the favorite spots to go hiking in the state. If you like to bike, then there are also biking trails that can be taken.

You can also take tours of the state park with knowledgeable tour guides who can teach you about all the interesting spots in the park. Highly recommended if you are looking to learn a little about the location.

The Whitbey Playhouse

Another popular choice in entertainment that people choose to partake in is going to the Whitbey Playhouse. It is a place where plays are held, and you will find that the actors are highly talented. Another great thing about this location is that they constantly vary the types of plays, so going to the Whitbey Playhouse is never monotonous.

The Naval History Center

This location is jam-packed with history. Any history enthusiast will thoroughly enjoy a trip to the Naval History Center. You will learn all about World War Two here, and what it was like to fight in the war. However, if you plan on going to the Naval History Center, it is important to be prepared to show your driver’s license and registration in order to get in.

Water Sports

Because Oak Harbor is so close to the water, there is a large selection of different water sports available to the residents. This includes: Boating, skiing and kiteboarding. You can even go to one of their specialized schools to help you learn the sport more quickly. Oak Harbor, WA was labeled as one of the top 10 water cities. Aside from some of the active water sports, you can also go whale watching.

Schools In Oak Harbor, WA

Oak Harbor, WA properties offers a fair amount of choice when it comes to schools. The city has 10 different schools in the area. You also have a small-town atmosphere, which means that the classrooms will be less crowded. Anyone who likes the small town atmosphere will thoroughly enjoy living in Oak Harbor, WA. There is plenty of entertainment, yet the area is relatively peaceful.

Overall, Oak Harbor is a city that is sure to impress people. The beauty of this location is part of what makes it so desirable. To figure out if this is the city for you, there is only one way to find out and that is by visiting it.

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