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Shoreline Real Estate

The city of Shoreline is quite new, but the land it stands on is full of rich history. It is full of settlers who have fallen in love with the location, and the gorgeous waters near the land. Those who have fallen in love, know that anyone who encounters these lands will fall in love too.

The parks are grand, and they are large. There is a lot of walking area, hiking, and greenery making your daily exercise routine a little more interesting. One can take a camera, and go on a date and take beautiful pictures together. There are countless things you could enjoy, if you visit and live in Shoreline, WA.

Most who reside in Shoreline are about 40 years of age, but most ages are still represented. The average household income is about 66,000, but that number seems to be rising. The average home cost about 365,000. There are great things to do around here, great parks, golf courses, and restaurants. But in case you are wondering, you can rest assured that your child’s education is taken care of.


In Shoreline, WA, there is a surplus of good schools. Take a look at Syre Elementary School, which scored a 9 on the Great School Scale. A score reserved only for those schools that are successful. The education given has impressed both parents and the district.

Another great school to mention is Albert Einstein Middle School, and this school lives up to its name. It is a school that strives for excellence and reaches it by making sure that its students reach those heights. A former student still remembers what she learned in her English class.

She transferred to a school on the west coast. As soon as she transferred, she knew that the education she was receiving was sub par to the education she received at Albert Einstein Middle School.

Shorecrest High School is another school that should be mentioned; it also scored highly on the Great Schools scale and has been quite successful in educating teenagers who have gone on to pursue higher education.

What To Do?

Shoreline, WA is a place for the community. A place that wants you to enjoy the serenity but every now and then share the feeling you get being in a crowd.

The shoreline has a recurring Shoreline Festival, which has quite a number of events and activities. This should prove quite fun for the entire family. There is live music and entertainment involved, as well as pony rides and a petting zoo. For those interested in the arts, you might find the Gallery at City Hall to be quite interesting.

There you can find art from local artists. There is also another place to check out called Arts Al Fresco. It is a lovely art walk where you can find art as well. There is so much more to enjoy, let Shoreline, WA show you why this is the home you never knew.


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