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Lake Hills, Bellevue, WA

Lake Hills in Bellevue, Washington


Lake Hills in Bellevue, Washington

Lake Hills in beautiful Bellevue, Washington boasts above average income ranges, and excellent schools.

This community is nestled between 148th avenue and 164th avenues in Bellevue. Single family homes are the predominant form of housing, but one can also find apartments and some town homes in the area.

Lake Hills makes up a large community of smaller subdivisions that include Phantom Lake, Robinswood, and Overlake. All these communities offer a small town feel with friendly neighbors, large yards, and beautiful landscaping.

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Primary and Secondary Schools

There are a variety of both public and private schools in the community. Eight schools total are found within the town limits of Lake Hills. These schools rank above normal on the standard ranking of public schools nationally. These schools include:

  • Phantom Lake Elementary School
  • Lake Hills Elementary School
  • Kelsey Creek Home School Center
  • Tillicum Middle School
  • Odle Middle School
  • Sammamish Senior High School
  • Spectrum Academy

These schools boast a low enrollment, which makes the student to teacher ration lower as well. This allows for a greater, more in depth learning experience where children get more one on one time with teaching staff.


The local community of Lake Hills is approximately comprised of 13,000 residents. The majority of these residents are middle aged couples who are married.

The average income of the households in the area is about $62,000 per year. The typical household is comprised of two working adults combining this average income. The majority of households have children in the local schools.

The average resident has some college education, with the majority of residents having at least a high school diploma. The community is a diverse group made up of native born residents as well as recent implants to the country. The primary language spoken in the schools and community is English, with Spanish holding a close second spot.

Lake Hills Attractions

The area is a wetland corridor that encompasses more than 150 acres. There one will find picnic areas, and many different specimens of wildlife to enjoy. The community gardens are also available to the public for perusing as well as planting one’s own 400 square foot plots. This is located near the Par 3 Golf Course and the Green belt Ranger Station.

Residents can also enjoy boating at the non-motorized boat launch. Remember to pick up a free permit at the Rangers Station before setting sail. If fresh produce is what the individual is seeking, there are also a number of farms that offer low price home grown produce for sale.

Day camps, youth centers and an aquatic center are also found within the 150 acre wetlands park. No matter what time of year or what the weather, there is always something to do in Lake Hills, Bellevue WA.

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