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Madison, Everett, WA

Madison, Everett, Washington

Madison, Everett, WA

The neighborhood of Madison in Everett, Washington is a great place to live because of the economic situation of the area, the schools that your children will attend, and the things nearby that will help keep you and your family busy during your time away from work.

Here is an in-depth look at these three points if you plan to move here in the future.

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The Economy of Everett, Washington is filled with big named employees that hire a very large chunk of the population. Boeing is number one and hires 32,000 employees.

The next three on the list are the Naval Station Everett, Providence Regional Medical Center Everett, and the Snohomish collectively hire about 13,000 area residents. The State of Washington comes in at number five hiring a couple hundred shy of 3,000 employees.

The Everett Clinic, Everett School District, and Frontier Communications Northwest hold the numbers 6, 7, and 8 spots hiring around 4500 altogether. Aviation Technical Services and Zumiez round out the top ten with 1400 a piece. There are many job opportunities in many different fields available in the area.


The education your children will receive in the Everett Public School System will serve them well and life. There are 18 elementary schools including Cedar Wood, Forest View, James Monroe, and Penny Creek.

After they have completed education in one of those schools they will graduate to one of the five middle schools in the area with the names of Eisenhower, Gateway, North, Evergreen, and Heatherwood.

There are four high schools your children can attend spread throughout the area. Cascade, Everett, H.M. Jackson, and Sequoia High School are there names.

If you would like to have your child home schooled, the school district offers an Online High School for children so they may spend there time outside of the classroom.

There is one school that encompasses all grades by the name of Port Gardener as well. Your children will be taught what they need to know and be ready for the real world upon graduation.

Parks and Recreation Areas

There is a lot of history around town and a lot of fun to be had as well. The historic district of town runs from about 8th street up to 25th and across from Broadway to Grand Avenue.

U.S. Senator Henry M Jackson lives on Grand Avenue. The waterfront is a wonderful place to spend your time.

There is a Yacht Club that you can become a member of or a port you can visit. There are 40 parks and gardens spread throughout the area including places you can swim, play hockey, play horseshoes, play golf, skate, walk on trails, visit animal, or launch a boat. The Forest Park is the oldest and definitely worth a visit as well as Jetty Island, and Nishiyama Garden.

The Madison area of Everett Washington is a great place to live for many reasons. You should be able to find a good career quickly, your children will get the education they need, and you will have plenty of places to enjoy your time away from work close by.

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