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Magnolia, Seattle, WA

Magnolia in Seattle, Washington

Magnolia, Seattle, WA

About Magnolia, Seattle, WA

Magnolia is one of Seattle, Washington’s largest cities. Located on a peninsula, this city is accessible by a process of bridges. It is a seaport with a long coastline and a gorgeous view of the ocean. Live with easy access to a marina. Communities are beautifully designed with homes large and small.

Searching for a residence in this growing community is very easy with its attractive selections. The residents of this Magnolia have incomes in the 60s and almost half of the 19,000 residents are families. The mixture of single and family households leaves growth for the community and for the housing market.

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Outdoor Activities

Looking from high points in the city Puget Sound is visible. West Point Lighthouse is also a part of this eco- friendly landscape. Here you are able to see eagles, heron, falcons and beavers. The Discovery Park is a huge part of the Magnolia area, absorbing a whopping 534 acres.

In this area swimming, fishing, sailing and skiing are all possible activities. Mount Rainier is within reach offering hiking, camping and many other outdoor activities.

Area Schools

Educationally, for parents with children K-8 McClure, Salmon Bay and Blaine are options. Many parents favor Blaine over McClure which is one of the educational facilities located in the district. McClure is located in an affluent area of Magnolia but all of this depends upon what a parent wants in the education of their children.

Homes in the areas average around $400,000 and rentals between $4,000 and $7,000. Homes are nicely designed and offer very nice amenities. There are also properties available in the $800K and up spots too. Shop around to find these jewels.


Living in Magnolia you will never need to leave to travel to the beach. The ocean is there with you every day and looking upon it is never enough. The mountains are there for the asking with this hilly landscape beneath your feet. The area connected to Seattle since 1861 is an important part of the area. Magnolia is located close to restaurants, shopping and interstates.

Visit the Nordic Heritage Museum located in the area honoring Nordic culture. Magnolia has everything. A thriving economy with beautiful surroundings, good schools and lots of after hour activities to keep people entertained.

Magnolia, Seattle Real Estate

Buying a home is an investment. Most people plan to stay a very long time. This makes choosing the right location and the right home important. If you love the seashore of something further inland this neighborhood offers you the choice. Park locations present a chance for families to go biking, play soccer or have cookouts.

There are many opportunities for community participation so there is nothing dull about magnolia, Seattle, Washington. Living this close to the ocean affords a resident or visitor the chance to buy fish right from the source. Visit West Wall Fisherman’s Terminal and buy fresh seafood from the source. This is great and you can hear a few tales. While there you will surely feel a sense of community.

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