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Medina, Seattle, WA

Medina, Seattle, Washington

Medina, Seattle, WA

Medina is a very affluent neighborhood in Seattle, ranking among the highest in both the state and the country. In terms of Washington state, Medina has the third highest income levels, while it has the 49th highest income in the entire nation. This area allows people to build luxury homes that they have always wanted to purchase, and there are plenty of homes available.

This neighborhood is rich with history and plenty of people who live here grew up in the area and have lived there for years. Anybody looking to settle down or purchase property would enjoy living in Medina, due to its proximity to downtown Seattle and a number of other attractions.

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Amenities and Things to Do

The area is located in very close proximity to water, as it is literally steps from both Lake Washington and Maydenbauer Bay. People who love the beach will get a lot out of this neighborhood, because there are plenty of outdoor and recreational opportunities.

Clyde Beach Park is a popular location for tourists and locals alike, because it allows them to go for a nice long walk, hike or other type of exercise.

People can also enjoy fishing from one of the local bodies of water, making it an ideal spot year round.

Water front property can be pricey, so people in this area also enjoy purchasing properties for rentals, allowing people who otherwise would not have been able to afford the property to enjoy a nice weekend away from home.

This district features a few thousand people, all of whom enjoy the perks of the neighborhood and enjoy school systems, places of worship and a number of other facets that make it an ideal place to live. The neighborhood is close to recreation centers, hospitals and other community fixtures that also add benefits.

Real Estate

People who want to make the most out of their property purchase should get in touch with a real tour who can help them get situated in a home.

This is a very popular area and the homes basically sell themselves! Many are drawn to the area due to its scenic outdoor opportunities, in addition to the great bunch of people that live and converge here.


While it is a very affluent area, you will find a varied range of prices, both in terms of purchases and rentals. The school system ranks among the best in the area, and provides a number of options for elementary, middle and high school students.

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