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Mercer Island, Seattle, WA

Mercer Island in Seattle, Washington

Mercer Island, Seattle, WA

About Mercer Island

Looking down from the sky you might think the only ingress and egress to work or play in downtown Seattle from Mercer Island would be by ferry, rowboat, canoe, or a kayak; or if you’re so inclined, swimming. Alas, such is no longer the case; those thoughts are redolent of 1889 when a Steamboat made daily runs from the Seattle mainland to Mercer Island and back.

And if you were to pick a near perfect spot to buy a home, raise a family, yet have more outside activities than you could shake a stick at, Mercer, Island is a stones throw (if you have a good arm) from East Seattle.

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Real Estate Demographics

Although the island itself appears to be of good size, the population of Mercer, Island usually hangs just a tad below 24,000, and the current tenants and owners of property like it that way. Small in this case is a good thing when you consider the median income is just under $152,000, but the median family income is pushing the $200,000 amount.

And with home prices around $1,000,000 living on Mercer, Island will have a pricey zip code, but if it fits your criteria of happy living, friendly, helpful, folks who walk around with smiles most of the time; why not choose Mercer Island?


Mercer, Island is not so much a visitor or tourist destination as a major city like Seattle is known for; but you would expect that from the largest city in the state.

Yet since Mercer Island is about a 10-minute drive from downtown Seattle you can make the quick trip via several bridge outlets including the Lacey Murrow and Homer Hadley Memorial bridges that also carry travelers on Interstate 90.

And if you find Mercer Island the type of small town, friendly folks living that you have been looking for to buy a home, and unpack your bags forever, perhaps a visit this year might be a good time to make that decision.

If you and your family are inclined to spend a lot of time outdoors the 77 acre Luther Burbank Park has nearly a mile of waterfront, a public boat dock and pier for fishing. Another outlet for fun is the Park on The Lid that runs over the top of the Interstate 90 entrances.

Both of these “Let’s spend the day at the park” locations also have softball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts and basketball courts, BBQ’s, picnic shelters, and even “off-the-leash” dog areas.

And if you like professional sports, living in the city of Mercer Island, you’re less than 15 minutes away from Major League Baseball, NBA Basketball, and NFL Football.

There’s not much you won’t like about Mercer Island living even with the abundant amounts of rain that hits the area on occasion. Maybe it’s time you found that rainbow you’ve been looking for in Mercer Island, Washington.

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