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Sunnyland, Bellingham, WA

Sunnyland in Bellingham, Washington

Sunnyland, Bellingham, WA

If you plan to move to the Bellingham, WA area, you may want to check out the Sunnyland neighborhood in the area. This is a popular place for many families, because it features a great list of amenities. It can also help link working adults up with top level jobs in the area.

Think about living here if you would like to get a way to enhance the quality of life that your family is experiencing. There are many great schools, restaurants and shopping options in the area that just let you enjoy life. Think about moving here if you would like to experience all that the Bellingham area has to offer.

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Lifestyle You Can Expect At Sunnyland

When you move to this area, you will immediately notice that the neighborhood does its best to create a community atmosphere. Since this is a suburban area near Bellingham, you can expect to enjoy a quiet setting free from distractions for your family.

But some people will be interested in checking out some of the local theaters if they want to spend a night out. They can visit the Mount Baker Theater, which is a non-profit organization that will display some talented performing artists.

Locals also seem to enjoy going to the Performing Arts Center, which regularly hosts events put on by students from Western Washington University.

Local Restaurants In The Area

The selection of restaurants in Bellingham is another major draw that you could come to expect when you stop by here. Giuseppe’s is a popular place for people to get high quality and authentic Italian dishes that will be made to order.

Sadighi’s is a creative and interesting restaurant that features some incredibly diverse offerings on its menu. This restaurant is most famous for its lineup of Creole dishes. Other locals seem to enjoy Halibut Henry’s, which serves up a great selection of different seafood dinner items.

Schools Located Nearby In Bellingham

Living in Sunnyland will link your family up with some of the highly rated schools that you can find in Bellingham. This will be a great opportunity for some people to get top quality education for their children.

Think about sending your kids to the Whatcom Day Academy, which has proven to be a popular private school. Older kids may want to attend Bellingham High School or Sehome High School. Families with college aged kids may want to think about Western Washington University, which is a well-regarded public institution in Bellingham.

Opportunities To Enjoy Nature

When you stay at Sunnyland, you will actually be given the chance to enjoy quite a few different activities in nature. During the winter months, you can opt to go snow skiing in some of the picturesque mountain communities nearby.

The community is also conveniently located to the Puget Sound area, which will allow you to kayak or boat out on these waters. You might even want to fish in some of the many lakes in the area.

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