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Whispering Heights – Bellevue, WA

The Whispering Heights Neighborhood in Bellevue, Washington is a quaint and pleasant neighborhood located between The Summit, Vuemont and Eastgate.

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With reasonably priced homes, this is a peaceful neighborhood for residents with minimal traffic. The real estate values remain stable in Whispering Heights and in surrounding areas.

Nearby Parks and Recreation

There are many great parks and recreational areas near Whispering Heights, which make it ideal for families are those who like to be active outside. There is the Collingwood Mini Park in Collingwood and there is also the Lattawood Park in Whispering park. Both of these are open from dawn to dusk for the general public.


Lattawood Park has incredible views of the downtown Bellevue and Lake Washington, as well as of the Seattle and Olympic Mountains on the horizon. The gorgeous rolling green grassy fields are surrounded by the woods and trails that go in and out of the trees, crossing the seasonal creek on a few turns.

The Collingwood mini park was created by residents years back and was one of the first neighborhood parks of its kind. It is a shady, quite area that is great for parents to take their kids to play while relaxing themselves.

Traffic & Transportation

There is a traffic committee called WHCCA for the city of Bellevue. Locals can call this committee with any traffic-related comments or concerns in order to ensure a safer environment for all residents and the community as a whole. The Bellevue Police Department’s Traffic Section accepts requests that concern speeding vehicles, problem traffic areas or parking issues within the city’s vicinity. All information given to the department will remain confidential.

Neighborhood Safety Programs

There is an active “neighborhood watch” for Whispering Heights, complete with designated Block Watch Captains who are assigned to different areas. These individuals are elemental in keeping the area secure and prepared for emergencies that should arise. Emergency plans are discussed and shared on WHCCA website. Residents are welcome to share any information or concerns they have by contacting WHCCA.

Luckily these plans are not called into effect as the neighborhood is exceptionally peaceful. However, these plans are in place in case something ever did happen and serve to ensure the safety of residents.

Neighborhood Marketplace

The Whispering Heights neighborhood has a marketplace designated for the benefit of the residents within the community. This serves to help strengthen ties with neighbors and to create a supportive environment whereby residents can help one another.

Community services include babysitting, real estate openings, insurance, home businesses, education and merchant services.

Residents can contact the webmaster for new postings, requests, edits, comments and suggestions.


Whispering Heights is an interesting and peaceful neighborhood with friendly residents and lots of nearby local activities. It is a great place to raise a family and to experience the outdoors as well as take part as an active member in community events.

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